VMware NSX-T Upgrade Coordinator in action

Hello again. The Upgrade Coordinator will take you through the many steps to get the NSX-T Data Center environment. First thing to do is get the NSX Upgrade Bundle which will take up nearly seven gigs on your hard drive and over your network connection. That used to be a big deal, right? Then weContinue reading “VMware NSX-T Upgrade Coordinator in action”

Demystifying VMware NSX-T Data Center Packet Flow

I recently published a series of YouTube videos building block diagrams outlining the logical structure of NSX-T Data Center infrastructure. This was based upon NSX-T version 2.5.1. In this blog, I’ll recap the three videos which you can view on my YouTube channel. In the first of this series (volume 2, number 1) I describedContinue reading “Demystifying VMware NSX-T Data Center Packet Flow”