Hello World

Well, why not?

It has been on my mind for some time that I should try the blogging thing, so here goes…

This site will include thoughts, ramblings, musings and possibly some insight into the techno-world we are sharing. It will have content surrounding my work, mostly, but some times it may refer to outside-of-work interests. It may include a bit about who I am, how I came to be, what I am becoming. Mostly, the site intends to help educate and clarify topics that seem to be unnaturally confusing. Like routing in a virtual network. Or what does it mean to be working in a software-defined-data-center? Or how does Gandalf’s beard become shorter when it turns white? Yeah, you know, stuff like that…

Any way, that’s it for now. You may see some cross-referencing to a YouTube channel (http://www.YouTube.com/c/vgandalf) and with written explanations to the video content uploaded to that location, as we work together to “demystify” techno-babble.


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